BLUESKY AWARDS 2024 – Applications Started!



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How many fields does the "Bluesky Awards" organize award competition?
Bluesky Awards organizes international aviation award competitions in 2 fields, namely "Aviation Achievement Awards & Aviation Project Awards". The results of the "Bluesky Awards" are determined as a result of the public voting and/or the evaluations of the Jury members. And Bluesky Awards, competition results are announced simultaneously on the same date.
When and how are applications made for the Bluesky Awards?
If you think that you are a suitable candidate for "Bluesky Awards" categories, firstly you must check in the organization calendar of our website and fill out application form information completely. After your application, a feedback message will be sent to your e-mail address automatically. Necessary information for your application is available on website. If you have a problem with your application, please contact us.
Is there a fee to apply for the Bluesky Awards?
Bluesky Awards organizes international award competitions in two (2) fields, namely (Aviation Achievement Awards & Aviation Project Awards). Applications are FREE for the two specified fields .
How can we learn the details about the competition categories?
Bluesky Awards -Top Menu section / 2022 / 2022 Application / Aviation Achievement Awards / or / Aviation Project Awards / by following the stated steps. You can find the appropriate category and apply.
Can the same candidates apply to into multiple category with different projects?
Yes, it is possible for the same candidate to apply and be evaluated for different projects in more than one category.
Our project is still under construction, can we apply for candidacy?
Yes. But throughout the application date, your project must have been completed and published. Please inform us by e-mail.
Are International candidate (Other Countries) applications accepted?
As of 2022, the Bluesky Awards are open to international applications and it is possible to apply. Yes, Applications are accepted as of 2022. However, international application requests are made through our English website "". It is possible to apply for the Bluesky Awards in 2 languages. Bluesky Awards winners qualify for international award.
How can we find out more information about the organization policies and terms?
You can get detailed information from our website in the 'Terms and Conditions' subcategory section of the 'About Us' category.
Why is your website is in Turkish and English?
Bluesky Awards is an international award organization based in Turkey/Istanbul. Therefore, we broadcast in two languages: Turkish/TR, and English/EN. Our aim is to register perfection and success in the global aviation industry and carry it internationally throughout blue skies via our Bluesky Awards.
What should we do if our candidacy is not visible after the application?
First, you need to determine your relevant award area and application category. After determining your suitable field and category, click the APPLY button, fill in the APPLICATION FORM completely and send it. If you do not receive any feedback after the application, please contact us immediately (
Will applicants or finalist candidates be announced on your website?
No. Applications are first evaluated by the Bluesky Awards team according to their suitability. After the evaluation process is completed, the finalist candidates are informed via SMS and/or e-mail. All stages are notified to all candidates via SMS and/or e-mail. Because, as the Bluesky Awards family, we care about your prestige and your brand.
Winners announced on your website?
Yes. First of all, the applications are taken into the evaluation process according to their suitability. After the evaluation process is completed, the finalist candidates are determined. Based on the organization calendar, the candidates are informed about the specified processes by SMS and/or e-mail. As a result of public and/or jury voting, WINNERS are announced on our website and all our networking networks. A prestigious and magnificent award ceremony is held in 2 languages for the winners.

Voting & Winners

What is the minimum amount of contestant candidates to be voted in a category?
In the event that there are not enough candidates in the applications in any category, an evaluation is made among the candidates applying for the relevant category or it can be canceled by the decision taken by the members of the jury. In the Bluesky Awards award competition, if there are less than 5 candidates in the application and evaluation processes in a category, the candidates applying for that category are submitted to the jury voting. In case there are more than 10 applications in a category, maximum 3 finalists with the highest votes in each category as a result of the application evaluation are approved and submitted to the Public Vote. (Public voting is not held for the "Aviation Project Awards".)
Details about the election process and the ballot measure, who will be voting?
After the Bluesky Awards application and application evaluation process is completed, the candidates determined as finalists are presented with “Public and/or Jury Voting” between the dates specified in the Bluesky Awards organization calendar. The Public Voting is the process where all candidates determined as finalists are open to everyone, where internet users log in with their Facebook, Twitter and/or Google accounts, are given 1 vote for each platform, vote for a maximum of 1 candidate in each category, and at the end of the Public Vote process, It covers the process where the project with the highest votes for each category is selected on a category-based “WINNERS” basis. (In case of less than 10 finalists/candidates, it is submitted to the Jury's vote.)
Can voting be directed by candidates for public voting?
Yes, each candidate can make voting guidance and sharings for the category they compete in. However, for each platform there will be only one vote and only one voting right is offered at each category for each and every candidate.
What happens when two candidates receive equal amouint of votes in the same category?
In case of equal votes in 2 finalists, both candidates will be awarded. There will be no re-evaluation or draws.

Award Ceremony

Bluesky Awards, The first and only independent “International Aviation Awards” organization

Stage 1: Announcement of Results
At the end of the Bluesky Awards "Public & Jury Voting process", the candidate with the highest number of votes for each category, category-based "WINNERS" is selected and the results are announced. The results of the Bluesky Awards will be announced simultaneously in the most magnificent way via our website, all our social networks (facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, linkedin etc.) and other contracted networks via DIGITAL platform networks. Winners will also be announced on our website, social media accounts and through contracted press agencies. In addition, the results of the award ceremony will be served nationally and internationally in 2 languages (TR/EN).
Stage 2: Virtual Award Ceremony
A magnificent Virtual Award Ceremony will be held for the “Bluesky Awards” winners at the address, date and time specified in the Bluesky Awards organization calendar, and the winners will also be presented their awards on the stage. The award ceremony website, all our social networks (facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, linkedin etc.) will be announced simultaneously in prestigious national and international channels. Without prejudice to all its rights, Bluesky Awards also reserves its rights according to the number of candidate applications in any category, the number or form of award rating and awarding, etc. IMPORTANT NOTE: In case of National and International Force Majeure; It organizes the determined organization calendar, such as the COVID-19 outbreak, in the most accurate and prestigious way.
Digital Marketing
Bluesky Awards reach all important sectors of the aviation industry and its target audience through digital partners who are experts in their fields, using digital technologies. Bluesky Awards aims to reach millions with its National and International interactive digital marketing strategies, to put its signature on the sky and leave its mark on the year. Bluesky Awards award ceremony results will be served nationally and internationally in 2 languages (TR/EN). Are you ready to leave your mark on the year with the Bluesky Awards?