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Bluesky Awards.
Rewarding and celebrating success


Conducting and managing a comprehensive, magnificent, prestigious aviation awards organization each year in the aviation industry and its affiliated sectors as the Bluesky Awards. Identifying, rewarding and celebrating success, excellence in all key sectors of the aviation industries.


To inspire, encourage, support and honor the aviation industry to continuously raise the standards of its product and service delivery by identifying and rewarding success and excellence in the aviation industry.


To register success and excellence in the globalizing aviation industry with Bluesky Awards. To carry the brand value, prestige and credibility to the highest level in the global aviation industry.

Est. 2020

International & Bluesky Awards

National Goal
Achieving 95% of the national aviation industry and its associated key sectors. To make 15% change and transformation every year. To celebrate and honor the achievements of the actors in the aviation industry.
International Goal
Starting with a rate of 15% in the international aviation industry and its major affiliated sectors. To achieve the rate of 85% with an increase of 25% every year, and to ensure its change and transformation with 10% annually. To celebrate and honor the achievements of the actors in the international aviation industry.


Our Team Members

Why Bluesky Awards

International Networking:
Bluesky Awards brings the industry together by providing international business connections and networking opportunities.
International Promotion:
Bluesky Awards enhances global recognition by emphasizing success on the international stage, thus increasing brand visibility in the industry.
International Success:
Bluesky Awards transcends borders, bringing success to the international arena. This, in turn, promotes achievements in the aviation industry on a global scale.

Top Most Values

Most Exclusive

Bluesky Awards stands as the most exclusive organization in aviation awards, representing the pinnacle of the industry.

Most Prestigious

Bluesky Awards honors industry leaders with prestigious award ceremonies that crown success in the most distinguished manner.

Most Magnificent

Bluesky Awards hosts the most magnificent award ceremonies in the aviation world, illuminating industry stars and creating a dazzling spectacle.

Most Excellent

Bluesky Awards, as the stage for excellent achievements, highlights superior performance in the aviation industry.

Most Independent

Bluesky Awards values the credibility of your projects with a conscious commitment to objectivity and impartiality based on objective data.

Most Transnational

Bluesky Awards transcends borders, carrying success beyond national boundaries through strategic partnerships and expert experience, creating global awareness.
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