Bluesky Awards.
Rewarding and celebrating success


Conducting and managing a comprehensive, magnificent, prestigious aviation awards organization each year in the aviation industry and its affiliated sectors as the Bluesky Awards. Identifying, rewarding and celebrating success, excellence in all key sectors of the aviation industries.


To inspire, encourage, support and honor the aviation industry to continuously raise the standards of its product and service delivery by identifying and rewarding success and excellence in the aviation industry.


To register success and excellence in the globalizing aviation industry with Bluesky Awards. To carry the brand value, prestige and credibility to the highest level in the global aviation industry.

Est. 2020

International & Bluesky Awards

National Goal
Achieving 95% of the national aviation industry and its associated key sectors. To make 15% change and transformation every year. To celebrate and honor the achievements of the actors in the aviation industry.
International Goal
Starting with a rate of 15% in the international aviation industry and its major affiliated sectors. To achieve the rate of 85% with an increase of 25% every year, and to ensure its change and transformation with 10% annually. To celebrate and honor the achievements of the actors in the international aviation industry.


Our Team Members

Why Bluesky Awards

Bluesky The Coolest:
Bluesky Awards is the coolest first and only digital aviation awards organization.
Bluesky The Most Prestigious:
The Bluesky Awards honors and celebrates success in the most prestigious way at the magnificent digital award ceremony.
Bluesky The Most Transnational:
Bluesky Awards transport success transnational and creates global awareness with its professional digital experience.

Our Top Values

The Most Digital

We care deeply about digital integration and global digitalization. We create global awareness with our digital experiences and experiences.

The Most Independent

We care about the reliability of our projects in line with objective data with the consciousness of impartiality.

The Most Safety

We support our digital projects with security network layers, authentication, login (SSL, IP, GDPR, 2FA) and similar strong internet protocols.

The Most Original

We aim to achieve firsts and raise awareness with our different, extraordinary and impressive talents.

The Most Excellence

We strive to achieve perfection at every stage of all our projects.

The Most Sustainable

We aim for continuous and long-term success within the framework of our understanding of excellence.