Bluesky Awards Applications Started

Bluesky Awards Applications Started


If you believe you are a candidate for the Bluesky Awards in our categories specified below. You must make an application request according to the organizational calendar on our website and fill in your application form information thoroughly.

Before the Bluesky Awards organization takes place, the categories are determined by our team and application requests are received according to the organization calendar. After the jury evaluation process, the finalists are presented to the public vote.

All applications are evaluated by the jury members. As a result of the evaluation, a maximum of 10 finalists will be approved in each category according to plurality. Do not forget to apply in the award organization calendar.

Finalists are submitted to the Public Voting (online survey) in the organization calendar for the Bluesky Awards period. After the Public Voting period is completed, an award ceremony will be held and the awards will be presented for the winners by pluarlity in their category.


  1. Flight Academy of the Year
  2. Pilot University of the Year
  3. Aviation High School of the Year
  4. Digital Airline of the Year
  5. Airline Cabin Crew of the Year
  6. Digital Airport of the Year
  7. Hot Air Balloon Organization of the Year
  8. Air Taxi Organization of the Year
  9. Business Jet Organization of the Year
  10. Aviation Software (Informatics) Organization of the Year
  11. Aviation Design (Dizayn) Organization of the Year
  12. Aviation Technology Organization of the Year
  13. Air Cargo Organization of the Year (GROUP A)
  14. UAV-DRONE Aircraft Academy of the Year
  15. PIC (SOLO) Flight Academy of the Year
  16. Flight Simulator Academy of the Year
  17. Secure Online Flight Ticket Site of the Year
  18. Sports Aviation Club of the Year
  19. Civil Aviation Community of the Year
  20. Aviation Supplier Organization of the Year
  21. Aviation Manufacturer Organization of the Year
  22. Aeronautics and Astronautics Faculty of the Year (UNIVERSITY)
  23. Civil Aviation Cabin Services Department of the Year (UNIVERSITY)
  24. Aircraft Technology Department of the Year (UNIVERSITY)
  25. Aircraft Engineering Department of the Year (UNIVERSITY)
  26. Aircraft-Body Engine Maintenance of the Year (UNIVERSITY)
  27. Ground Handling Organization of the Year (GROUP A)
  28. Aircraft Maintenance Organization of the Year (MRO 145 APPROVED)
  29. Aircraft Maintenance Training Organization of the Year (MTO 147 APPROVED)
  30. Authorized Aero Medical Center of the Year (SHGM Approved)
  31. English Language Proficiency Test Center of the Year (PILOT)
  32. English Language Proficiency Test Center of the Year (TECHNICIAN)
  33. Flight Operations Specialist Training Organization of the Year (DISPATCHER)

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