BLUESKY AWARDS 2024 – Applications Started!

Turkey’s The First and Only Digital Aviation Awards

Turkey’s The First and Only Digital Aviation Awards

‘Bluesky Awards’, Turkey’s first and only independent aviation achievement awards organization

Award competitions are held in two areas as Bluesky Awards and Jury Awards. The winners of the Bluesky Awards (Aviation Achievement Awards) are determined by the public vote. The winners of the Jury Awards (Jury Exclusive Awards) are determined as a result of the jury members’ evaluations. Bluesky Awards winners and Jury Awards results are announced simultaneously.

Conducting and managing a comprehensive, magnificent, prestigious aviation awards organization each year in the aviation industry and its affiliated sectors as the Bluesky Awards. Identifying, rewarding and celebrating success, excellence in all key sectors of the aviation industries.

To inspire, encourage, support and honor the aviation industry to continuously raise the standards of its product and service delivery by identifying and rewarding success and excellence in the aviation industry.

To register success and excellence in the globalizing aviation industry with Bluesky Awards. To carry the brand value, prestige and credibility to the highest level in the global aviation industry.

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