BLUESKY AWARDS 2024 – Applications Started!

Aviation Leader Awards – 2024 Overview

Aviation Leader Awards – 2024 Overview

Bluesky Awards 2024 – About “Aviation Leader Awards”

Bluesky Awards recognizes and celebrates success and excellence in the aviation industry. Candidates who apply for and win in the ‘Aviation Achievement Awards’ and ‘Aviation Project Awards’ categories are further recognized in the “Aviation Leader Awards” category based on specific criteria.

We Crown the Leaders of the Aviation Industry!

Bluesky Awards inspires, encourages, supports, and honors the continuous improvement of product and service delivery standards in the aviation industry. We also celebrate the leaders behind success and excellence in the aviation industry.

Bluesky Awards 2024 has begun accepting international applications. Applications will be accepted within the specified organizational schedule.

Aviation Leader Awards (Categories)

  1. Aviation Visionary Leader of the Year
  2. Aviation Entrepreneurial Leader of the Year
  3. Aviation Woman Leader of the Year
  4. Aviation Young Leader of the Year
  5. Aviation CEO of the Year
  6. Aviation COO of the Year
  7. Aviation CIO of the Year
  8. Aviation CFO of the Year
  9. Aviation CCO of the Year
  10. Aviation CTO of the Year
  11. Aviation CMO of the Year
  12. Aviation CRO of the Year
  13. Aviation CISO of the Year
  14. Aviation CLO of the Year

And similar categories will be awarded. Leader Awards will be selected only from applicants and winners. Thank you for your attention.

We wish all candidates the best of luck.

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